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In a world where value is ascertained;

By the price tag;

Where everything is measured;

In monetary terms;

Where relationships are appraised;

As investments for profitable returns;

Where careers are chosen for wards;

Based on their lucrativeness;

And not on passion and talent;

Where celebrities are valued;

Per their net worth;

As if that’s the measure;

For their relevance;


The value of a marriage;

Isn’t the sum of assets owned;

But the stability of the two people involved;

The value of a company;

Isn’t exclusive to its net worth;

But inclusive of the manpower behind the company;

Just as any group;

Is as good as its partners;

So is any company;

As the people breaking their backs;

To keep it running;


Even though it doesn’t look like it;

But the poorest man on earth;

Is of more value;

Than the choicest of jewels;

Because the pauper has a soul;

Which can’t be bought;

No precious stone no matter its authenticity;

Can afford one breath of life;


So let’s beware;

Of what we place much value on;

Any ‘who’ is worth more than any ‘what’;

Be patient with those who seem ‘useless’;

They may still be in their ore;

Yet to be discovered;

Not everything with a price tag;

Is actually that valuable;

And not everything valuable;

Is that pricey;


What does value mean to you?

What do you value most?



Josephine Amoako wrote this piece for Flux, a forum for those of us encountering adulthood. She is a passionate and enthusiastic writer of stories, Christian/inspirational articles and poems and a lover of Christian music. A graduate at the University of Ghana, she dreams of being a script/screenwriter in future. She is a TV drama series and movie enthusiast and is on a personal mission to inspire the world, one piece at a time. She blogs at Joseyphina’s World and also guest blogs on a number of sites.


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