Afternoon Delight

Photo courtesy of Rex Kevin Aggabao / flickr.
Photo courtesy of Rex Kevin Aggabao / Flickr.

Hello there,
I see you, bright and full of life.
Glowing in your golden shell, your kiss warms my skin.
I yearn to sit beside you on green grass with
Bottles of wine chilled on ice and a picnic basket full of Granny Smith apples—my very favorite
And jars filled with caramel and honey

What an afternoon it turned out to be. Cheers all around.
Ladybugs and caterpillars have come to join our party.
Well, join us indeed friends—the more the merrier.
How lovely the sky looks in all its splendor
And is that a man I see dancing in the clouds? Have you come to spend the day with us?
No stormy skies, roars of thunder, or lightning strikes I beg.
Stay a while, oh lovely sun on this most glorious spring day.

In the distance I hear waves crashing against the shore.
I see people with smiling faces dancing here and there.
How could we not be overcome with joy?
With such positive energy, we are at ease.
With our honey, wine, and new friends, we are content
Together, we are an example of nature’s perfect harmony.

Hello there,
I see you, bright and full of life.
I thank you for this afternoon
It’s been a most splendid delight.

Justin wrote this article for Flux, an online forum for those of us encountering adulthood. Justin really enjoys watching nature and all of its beauty. Sometimes he becomes so overwhelmed with inspiration that he writes about the things around him


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