About Us

Welcome to Flux! We aspire to be an online community of not yet grown adults uneasily forging our own paths and communally sharing our thoughts along the way. As children we receive instructions, accept doctrines and follow the lead of our teachers, parents and other figures of authority; as children right and wrong are much easier to determine. When we graduate, when we begin working or when we cross whatever milestone is supposed to signal adulthood, we are expected to have a clear idea of who we are, what we believe and what we want; we created Flux as a space where we can dismiss those expectations and simply express our struggles, our confusion, our joy, our disillusionment. We hope that this will be a place where we can work together to discover and refine our beliefs, where we are reminded that everyone is scared and no one has it together; we envision this forum to be a community of mutual support, discussion and growth.

Mission Statement

Flux is a space for those of us who are trying to navigate the beginnings of adulthood to safely express our views and experiences on topics that affect our daily lives. Personal stories, reflections, political views—they all have a place here. This is a judgment-free zone for those of us working to figure out what it means to be a “grownup.”


Valentine Marie, Founder, Editor

Valentine is a restless soul.  She grew up in Maryland, studied in California and desperately wants to go Everywhere. An abject failure at the art of small talk, she hopes to one day develop subtlety and master Arabic. She is an avid lover of indie movies, spoken word poetry, K’naan, and shameless public dancing.

Nur Lalji, Co-Founder

Nur is an old soul—she likes going to bed before midnight and reading books in print. She enjoys fantasy novels and sci-fi movies, and has been known to reference Star Wars in casual conversation. Nur still clings to the hope that she can do something useful with her liberal arts degree.

Our Logo

Our logo was created by the talented Fanny Luor, whose work can be explored here.  We chose this design because the rhythm of the human heartbeat not only exists within us all but it is also variant, constantly changing and entirely unpredictable. Even still, the body knows what it’s doing and all the uncertainty works itself out in exactly the way it should. We think this is the uplifting type of message that we all need to get us through the times when we resent our jobs and can’t find meaningful relationships and are desperate for some promise of coming relief.  Perhaps our generation has it easy, as some say, or perhaps it has it hardest of all; either way, this is our time and our life—why not embrace it?